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Answers in Genesis review

October 11, 2017

I honestly cannot say enough good about Answers in Genesis.  We have so many of their resources and I love every one of them!

First off, is their magazine.  It is fantastic!  Its full of easy to read and understand articles about creation.  There is also a super neat kid's section.  We homeschool, so I use this as an awesome Science resource.  I think its $25/year for 4 huge issues, which I count a real bargain!


Then there are their videos.  Oh wow!  I could spend all day on these.  My new favorites are the Body of Evidence dvd's.  There are 8 dvd's that cover all the body functions thoroughly.  These are intended for teenagers, but my 6 year old loves them!


Then there are the Buddy Davis resources.  These are our absolute favorite!  My boys (and us) and watched, watched and re-watched his videos until they are about worn-out!  And his music cd's are fantastic!  He is an incredible sculptor, singer, songwriter who does it all for the glory of God!

 If you have never heard of Answers in Genesis I really encourage you to go check out their products!  They are a wonderful way to increase your knowledge and appreciation of God's wonderful creation!  https://answersingenesis.org


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