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"Picta Dicta" by Roman Roads Media Review

September 12, 2018


Have you ever wanted to learn Latin or teach your kids Latin?  We were so thrilled to be able to try out a program called "Picta Dicta Natural World"by Roman Roads Media.  This is a super neat online program that uses pictures and definitions and stories to solidify the Latin words in your mind.


So, we were given a 14 month subscription for myself, Jake (7) and Gabe (4).  I was able to choose the level that each of us used.  I picked the express level for myself so I could zoom through a bit quicker.  You could use this level for an adult or a teenager :)  Gabe got the lowest level called Basic and Jake started on Reader 1.  These turned out to be a good fit for each of us.  The nice part is if you pick the wrong level you can always adjust it!


The structure of the website itself is very user friendly and we navigated it easily.  Each person has their own login but the parent can access all the learner information from their page which is really handy.  



(A few of the shots from our Basic package) 



For a non-reader the lower programs are great because they will read the information for the child.  This is super helpful to the busy parent!  The other ones also pronounce the Latin word out-loud which you are supposed to practice yourself.


The Basic program starts with "English" and they practice connecting the animal pictures with a word and short description.  Gabe really enjoyed this actually :)  Then it goes on to Latin from there.  They learn basic animals like dog, chicken, cow, pig, sheep ect...Then they learn fruits, berries and nuts.  Then there is a review.  After that its on to anatomy. land forms, parts of trees and plants and much more.

 (Here is a sampling from some of their different Latin programs)

The Reader 1 follows pretty much the same format but at a faster pace with more details.  The express is even faster with detailed stories of each of the Latin words discussed.


I will have to say, both of the boys seemed to enjoy the lessons.  Have they retained any Latin yet?  I'm not sure.  The lessons are applicable to things they encounter in life in this series which is definitely helpful.  However, I recommend making flashcards with the picture and name of each thing you are learning otherwise its likely to go in one ear (or eyes, lol) and out the other.  I know for myself, I only can seem to remember a few of the words (for example, canus is Latin for dog, which makes sense to me because I'm familiar with the word canine).  I definitely need to practice with flashcards for these words to stick with me permanently.


The lessons are easy to use and there is plenty of review.  Your younger kids may need some help with navigation (but overall its really easy).  We used it successfully on both the Kindle tablets and the computer.


I think overall this is a really neat program that could potentially benefit them especially later in life.  For example, if they go into any animal science, natural sciences ect...they would already have a good foundation for many of the words used.


So, if you're wanting to teach your kiddoes Latin or learn it yourself I highly recommend checking out their programs!  Check out the other Roman Roads Media reviews at the link below!









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